At GR Constructions we believe that buildings should reflect engineering excellence and satisfy our customers. As a team, GRC firmly believes in keeping up with changing times, be it planning or execution of residential and commercial projects. GRC is a community centered organization which caters to the wide spectrum of construction requirements. The journey that we have undertaken over the years in the realm of realty development, has given us an incredibly satisfied customer database. This is a true sign of our team’s passion and expertise.

At GRC we strongly think that livelihood freedom is not just about buying an apartment, but it is about leading a lifestyle which blends with the natural elements like soil, natural light, air and water even when you are inside the home. GRC is the creator of this kind of holistic livelihood freedom.


During the nineties as Bangalore started transforming from a quaint town famous for its gardens to the IT capital of India, the city saw increasing demand for quality homes. The demand for homes was led by the setup of new IT firms and their continuous expansion in the city. Mr. G Ramana Babu and Mr. R M Eshwar Naidu who were working in Bangalore as contractors since late eighties decided to form a quality focused contracting organization in response to the increasing demand for constructions work. G.R.C group came into formal existence in 1999 with the incorporation of GR Constructions as a partnership firm in Bangalore. Over the years GR Constructions has worked with noted architects in the city to build and deliver homes for some of the affluent people in Bangalore. The company has also extended its contractual facilities for hospitals and other commercial projects during its formative years. With the sole motto of delivering high quality homes to customers, the team GRC has acquired a rich experience of timely delivery and impeccable finishes on its projects. This enriching experience has also helped the group to build enduring relationships with some of the best architects and interior designers of the city.

GR Constructions finally took the big leap and graduated to become a developer in 2004 when it started its first independent residential apartment by the name of GR Vistas on Uttarahalli Main Road. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back; over the years it has successively followed it up with more residential projects. This shift in business has changed the primary source of revenue for GR Constructions, as most of the revenues now started coming from the development of apartments rather than contract work. The organization grew from its humble beginnings to credible proportions and established itself as one of the prominent developers in Bangalore. GR Constructions is currently involved in planning and launching of approximately one million square feet residential space in the city across multiple projects at multiple locations. The company aspires to be among the top builders of Bangalore in the coming years.


The key driving value for GR Constructions has always been “Creation of high quality, healthy and sustainable living environment for its valued customers” and in line with the same is the tagline for the company which reads, “Creating better living environment.”

Over the past years the group has developed and delivered on the following strengths:

  • Major focus on the customer’s needs
  • Committed management, back office and site operations team
  • On time delivery of all projects executed till date
  • Superior build quality and impeccable finish
  • Usage of high quality branded materials and fixtures
  • Focus on right amount of daylight and cross ventilation for each and every home
  • Every home equipped with cozy ambience for comfortable living
  • Associated with the best architects and consultants in town
  • Great relationship with various financial organizations in the city